Direction and Concept: Belma Lizde-Kurt
Cast: Maja Zeco, Dusan Vranic
Production: Aparat Theater / Sarajevo War Theater, 2014

“Plumb BO-BO, ZU” is a play for children between the ages of zero and three, for pregnant women, parents, and all interested parties. It is never too early to start educating children, as the feeling and the need for art start developing while the child is still in the womb. The play “Plumb BO-BO, ZU” deals with the funny and sad, movement and sound, shape and color. Aparat theater is looking for a way to communicate with an audience that is still “non-verbal”. In doing so, they rely on the ability of theater as a living art to intrigue the audience without any technical effects. This play helps adults to speak the language of children. We still do not know how much the youngest among us can tell us using “their language”!

Aparat Theater wants to give attention to the babies who have their own needs and it is never too early to attend to these needs. They give theirselves in to the experiment with an open heart. They will make sure not to scare anybody, they are going to play a little bit of music, they will dance a little, and they will use the age-old clown tricks. What is especially nice in theater is that we grow along with our audience, we teach each other new rules.

The motto of the Aparat Theater is: You can go to the theater for the first time only once!

Aparat Theater / Sarajevo War Theater





Bojan Mustur

Bojan Mustur

Creative Director / Photographer
Bojan is a distinguished scholar, holding both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in digital/virtual scenography for theatre, film, and television from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, under the Department of Product Design. Since 2008, he has been an esteemed member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Fine Arts, Painters, and Designers. His artistry has graced exhibitions in over 40 cities globally, showcasing his visionary works. Notably, as a designer, he has lent his creative prowess to the realization of more than 35 theatrical performances across the former Yugoslavia. As a Creative Director, Mustur has collaborated extensively with esteemed UN agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These include the European Union, UNICEF, UNDP, UN Women, International Organisation for Migration-IOM, International Committee of the Red Cross-ICRC, OSCE, and USAID.

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