Direction and Choreography: Belma Lizde-Kurt
Cast: Muhamed Hadzovic, Irma Alimanovic, Snjezana Bogicevic, Edhem Husic
Production: Aparat theater, 2010

The play “Pinocchio in Trouble” was written on the basis of the book by Carlo Collodi.
The story has been transferred to today’s world. It is the story of an unwanted boy who, as he grows up, has to go through various trials and tribulations, into which he is ensnared by adults of dubious moral. They all try to manipulate the boy, from his father Geppetto, to an illiterate theatre manager, local alcoholics, thieves, drug addicts, pedophiles, harlots and sadists. Society is trying with all its might to throw him into its ruthless system without values. Pinocchio must decide between good and evil on his own. If by some chance he opts for good, it will be a true miracle. This is because everybody around him, when they have a chance to choose, chooses evil. On his way to adulthood, he begins to control his selfish impulses, he learns to share, and to help his neighbours. Finally, he sacrifices himself to save his father. His main guide through all the adventures are his great heart and proud nose. Because, just like Cyrano, Pinocchio wears his nose as a burden of honesty and integrity.

Everybody lies. Only some have more audacity than others. The worst are those who lie that they do not lie. Everything is written on their faces. The nose is just a symbol.

This Pinocchio is not a story about a boy who lies.

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Bojan Mustur

Bojan Mustur

Creative Director / Photographer
Bojan Mustur completed BA and MA in digital / virtual scenography for theater, film and television at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo at the Department of Product Design. From 2008, he has been a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Fine Arts, Painters and Designers. Bojan has worked for more than six years in the Public Institution MES – International Theater Festival – MESS Scene, one of the most important and oldest theater festivals in South East Europe. In a role of a photographer, graphic, web and video designer, Bojan worked on more than 30 theater productions. He also participated in the implementation of several documentary films, and closely cooperated with many TV houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a digital / virtual designer, he was a part of numerous TV series for children. Bojan also worked with almost all UN agencies, such as UNICEF, UNDP, UN Women, the International Organization for Migration, and USAID. He presented works in over 40 cities worldwide. Also, Bojan is contributor of Getty Images, Shutter Stock, iStock, Adobe Stock, 500px, ViewBug. Articles and photos inspired with sports, arts and films published in numerous magazines, newspapers, web pages such as: National Geographic, Al Jazeera Balkans, Sarajevo Times, TimeOut Doha, Qatar Calendar, State of Doha, Oslobođenje, Avaz, BH Dani,,,,,,,,, etc. More about his design works on

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